Build Your Structural Engineering Team

Structural Package for Stronger Towers and Cleaner Energy

At Lantec Engineers, our extensive experience in the Telecom and Solar industries has shaped our approach to structural design. We place a strong emphasis on crafting efficient and cost-effective designs that not only meet industry and jurisdictional standards but also adhere to project timelines with precision. Our unwavering commitment to detail and our exceptional work ethic form the very foundation of our work.

What sets us apart is our low overhead, allowing us to beat market pricing while retaining uncompromising quality. We maintain transparent communication throughout projects, providing quick turnaround times of just 1-2 days. Any comments are addressed promptly, and our strict non-disclosure policy safeguards our clients' work.

We believe in building lasting partnerships, and we look forward to collaborating with you to achieve success, one project at a time.

Telecommunication Infrastructure

Structural Design and Analysis of Telecommunication & Industrial Structures that stand the test of time. From tower analysis to foundation design, our comprehensive services are tailored to meet your specific needs. With a deep commitment to precision, innovation, and excellence, we bring together a team of expert engineers to deliver solutions that transcend industry standards.


Creating strong and sustainable energy solutions through smart engineering. Structural Engineering for all solar support structures including rooftop