Lantec Engineers specializes in structural engineering solutions tailored to the telecommunications industry. Our dedicated teams are experts in providing comprehensive solutions for telecommunication towers and associated facilities, including concealment structures, faux water tanks, and rooftop installations. Our tower analysis and design services strictly conform to TIA standards, as well as all relevant federal, state, and local codes and regulations. Possessing extensive experience in working with materials such as steel, FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic), and RF-friendly fiberglass panels, we possess an extensive comprehension of the specific design requirements, materials, and construction techniques that set telecommunication structures apart

Project Delivery :  1 - 2 Days

Key Services

Mount Design & Analysis

T-Arm, Platform, Rooftop Ballast Frame, Rooftop Penetrating, Wall mounts

Monopole Structures

Design, Analysis & Modification of Monopole, Monopine, Monopalm, Street Lights, Sports Lighting, Canister, Small-Cell, and other stealth Poles

Self Support Towers

Design, analysis & Modification of Self-Support, Guyed, Cells on Wheels (COW)


Design of Equipment Shelters and Support structures: Platforms, racks & pad, Equipment anchors.

Design, analysis and retrofit of all foundation
Concealment Structures

Sign Boards, Rooftop FRP Antenna Screen, Penthouse, Rooftop Evaluation & Retrofit

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